Will Everest Base Camp in Tibet be closed for tourists in 2019?


Military checkpoint near Rongbuk monastery in Tibet
Military checkpoint near Rongbuk monastery in Tibet

In 2019 there will be a massive clean up project in Everest Region. This project started last year, and it is expanding in the current year. To help with the project, the area near the Base Camp will be closed for tourists. 

Wondering what it means for travelers? In this article, we will explain what changes, where we will stay when visiting Everest and share recent photos with the view on Everest in Tibet.

Everest Base Camp in Tibet is accessible via car/van, unlike in Nepal where 12 days trekking is required. That’s why EBC in Tibet attracted thousands of visitors every year. Even with the changes in 2019, it is not going to change. The view from the new camp is amazing.  


Climbers tents at the Everest Base Camp in Tibet
Climbers tents at the Everest Base Camp in Tibet

There is an area dedicated to climber’s tent camp. The Everest Base camp for climbers will remain open only for people with climbers permits.

Prior to 2018, all visitors were able to go close to it and see the area where climbers tents are set up.

Starting from 2018, this area was already open for climbers only.


Tent Guesthouses Everest Base Camp in Tibet
Tent Guesthouses at the Everest Base Camp in Tibet

All tourists were staying either in Rongbuk monastery guesthouses (mostly during the colder months) or the tent guesthouses.

The tent guest houses were very popular, as the conditions there are more comfortable than in guesthouses and there was a great view of Everest from the camp.

Approximately 1 km from tent camp there is also the meditation cave at the old building of Rongbuk monastery. It was a popular destination among tourists.

The climber’s tent camp is approximately 3km away from the tent camp and it was accessible via a short hike or by driving a car.

The tent camp offered kitchen in each tent, and visitors could order a meal directly in a tent.


Mount Everest and Rongbuk monastery in Tibet
Mount Everest and Rongbuk monastery

Starting from 2019, the closest to Mount Everest point where we can go is the Rongbuk monastery.

The view on Everest from the monastery is one of the most beautiful and many great photos were taken from this point. You don’t need to worry about missing the view of the highest mountain on the planet.

There will still be a tent camp, however, it will be moved to a valley below the monastery.


Inside the tent in the Everest Base Camp
Inside the tent in the Everest Base Camp

Tent camp typically operates from mid-April until mid-October, although, it depends on the weather.

During the time when tent camp operates, we usually book your stay in the tent camp.

Tent guesthouses are usually more comfortable than monastery guesthouse. The camp can host more people than monastery guesthouse. There are typically 8 to 10 beds in each tent. Tents are warm with the stove in the middle of each tent, there are also plenty of blankets. 

Visitors can order dinner and breakfast in each tent. There is an English menu with a selection of Tibetan dishes.

2019 Update: the new location of the tent camp is right by the Rongbuk monastery. You will get an incredible view of Mount Everest from the new site.

Rongbuk monastery guesthouse operates all year round. The monastery guesthouse is smaller than the tent camp. When there are a lot of visitors, it can get crowded. That’s why we usually stay there during low season and/or when the tent camp is closed for winter months.

Monastery guesthouse has a small restaurant where you can order simple Tibetan dishes and warm up as there is a stove.

Below are the answers to the most common questions about the Everest Base Camp in Tibet.

Will I be able to see the Everest?

Yes of course. There is a great view of the Everest from Rongbuk monastery.

Can we still stay in the tent guesthouse?

Yes, the tent guesthouse will be moved to the valley just below the monastery. Tents usually start operating in the mid-April and close for the season in mid-October.

Are there any changes to my itinerary for tours visiting Everest?

We are still going to visit Everest. You’ll still be able to get a nice view of the highest mountain on the planet. And as always there will be a choice of booking Rongbuk monastery guesthouses and tent guesthouses. The only thing that changes, is that we won’t be able to see the actual base camp for climbers and visit meditation cave.

Can I visit the meditation cave near EBC?

Unfortunately, this area will be closed to tourists. We can only visit Rongbuk monastery.

Have more questions about visiting Everest Base Camp in Tibet? Leave your comment below or contact us at tours@wondersoftibet.com





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