17 Travel Gadgets for Your Next Trip

In this post, you will see a list of travel gadgets to take on your next adventure. We will not mention any brand names, and there are no affiliate links. You will find information about tech gadgets that can make your travel more fun, comfortable, safe and memorable. Some things we are using ourselves, others we saw from our guests and some are things that inspired us.


Trekking in Tibet

Fitness trackers became very popular in recent years and we see many of our clients wearing them. You can find lots of varieties ranging from the ones with basic functions measuring the level of your activity and sleep patterns to more upscale ones that track your heartbeat and are waterproof. Some can double as a smartwatch with GPS tracking, music uploads and even integrated payment systems. In other words, you can have a lot of fun using one of the trackers. It is especially interesting to use while trekking to count the steps you walked and track the distance.


View on Lhasa from above

Of course, drones are already well-known. There are multiple contents among drone photographers, they are inventing new styles and ways of creating stunning images. Although there are some tight regulations about using the drones in the cities, you can set them fly free in many mountain areas for amazing shots of the Himalayan mountains.


Summit Cafe in Lhasa
Summit Cafe in Lhasa with coffee selection

Yes, we didn’t forget about coffee lovers. The most popular beverage in Tibet is tea, You can find sweet tea with milk, butter tea and black tea with salt in mountain areas, as well as green tea in some places.

Of course, your modern hotel in Lhasa will offer coffee for breakfast. When you travel outside of the cities, your only option will be making instant coffee.

Can’t start your day without a cup of delicious fresh coffee? Get a portable espresso machine on your next tour and enjoy your coffee even in the most remote areas away from all modern amenities!


Cannot imagine your life without new movies and TV shows? You don’t have to miss out on anything with the mini-movie projector. They usually come in the shape of a cube and you can project the movie on a wall or ceiling and watch it anywhere you stay. Grab your favorite snack and enjoy.


Tibetans at Karola glacier

The days of Polaroid are not over yet, In recent years the idea of instantly printing your photos took a new form. You can get a tiny wireless printer and connect it to your phone to print stunning images on the go.

It is a great chance to impress locals, who are not as advanced in technology. You can leave memory about your visit by giving the photos you took to the people you meet during your tour.


Many of our clients already travel with power banks. These little travel gadgets become essential when traveling away from the cities, as many areas don’t have reliable sources of electricity. Thus, a power bank can be your only chance to charge all your devices. You will need it in many of the guesthouses in Western Tibet. New technology adds a twist to this familiar device. Get the one with Wi-Fi hotspot for sharing the internet across multiple devices. Stay connected to your social media, friends, and family.


Tibetan airlines plane in Lhasa Gonggar airport in Tibet
Tibetan airlines plane in Lhasa Gonggar airport

The idea of traveling with a suitcase that can be more than just storage is becoming more popular. New suitcases include several travel gadgets in one. They can charge your phone, show where they are located, how much they weight, lock your suitcase remotely, and much more. Make sure to choose the one with removable batteries, especially if you plan to check it in. Some include a collapsible tray that you can use to work on your laptop, shoes and laundry bags. Others are waterproof or can be folded to fit even in a small apartment.


Although it is not a new technology any longer, I felt that we should mention it. Many of the trips in Tibet are long and include driving for several hours on some days. The e-book is easy to carry, you can store as many books as you need on it even when there is no internet access. They typically keep the battery charge for a long time. It is especially important when some areas in Tibet don’t have a reliable electricity source. Download your favorite guidebooks to read more about the history of the places we visit.


Dinner in Tibetan Restaurant in Lhasa
Dinner in Tibetan Restaurant

This tech gadget is not just a toy, it can save you from a bad allergy reaction on peanuts.

If you have peanuts allergy, I am sure you learned to stay away from peanut butter and Pad Thai. But what about dishes that you never tried before in a country where not everyone speaks English and the menu doesn’t list all ingredients?

No, you don’t have to stay away from unknown dishes. You can simply test if it is safe for you before eating.


Panorama of Himalayan mountains and Everest
Himalayan Mountain Range

Yes, it is about cameras once again. After all, one of the important parts of traveling is capturing these precious moments. Whether it is to share these moments with your future generation or to steam on your social media, we want to create stunning images that will show places we visit. What can better capture the entire surrounding area than a 360-degree camera?


The air in Tibet is very dry. To combat it, consider bringing a small USB or battery powered humidifier. Some allow you to add essential oils to enjoy the fresh smell or even offer additional benefits such as relaxation, decongestant, better sleep, etc.


A tiny device will measure the environmental conditions and store the history on your phone app. The devices can come with various features. The simple one will measure the temperature in certain set intervals. The more complex ones also measure humidity, dew point, and heat index. It is fun to keep track of all that data especially when you are trekking, and outside temperature becomes especially important. With some experience, you will learn what clothing and gear keep you comfortable at a certain temperature level. It is durable and waterproof. Definitely a great little gadget to take with you on your next trekking adventure.


Trekking to Advanced camp in Everest by glaciers
Trekking alongside glacier in Everest Region

As you can guess from its name, the action camera is perfect for use on the go, as well as while swimming, snowboarding, paragliding and what not. The compact and lightweight camera captures photos and high-resolution videos, usually with a wide angle lens. It not only creates a very distinct look of the photos taken with this camera but also allows to capture almost everything that the human eye can see. It is one of the most popular travel gadgets in recent years. You can take this type of camera on your adventure tour. Make sure to put it in a waterproof case to protect it if it rains. Action cameras also allow you to upload photos and videos directly to your phone and you can immediately share them with all your social media followers.


The noise canceling headphones will let you rest without any distractions from the outside world and focus on the movie, music, audiobook or maybe some lectures or webinars. They are extremely popular among frequent travelers. The headphones will allow you to rest through the plane flight. The only downside is that you will need to charge these headphones.


If you are not ready to invest in a smart suitcase yet but want to avoid charges for going over the luggage weight limits, pick up a small luggage scale. It comes handy when you travel to different destinations and airlines have different luggage policies. It also helped many of travelers we know who bought a little too many souvenirs and gifts. Some scales include other helpful features, such as power bank, temperature sensor, and tape measure.


Yamdrok lake surrounded by snowy mountains
Yamdrok Lake surrounded by snow mountains in winter

Depending on the season when you are visiting Tibet and the altitude at which you will be traveling, outside temperatures can get very low. At night temperatures drop even in summer. If you are trekking above 5,000 meters, you should be ready to a temperature below freezing at night. If you want some extra comfort and coziness, get the heated hand warmers and heated insoles.


When you travel long hours on planes, trains, buses, and cars, travel massager can help very handy. They come in various sizes, shapes and offer various benefits. The main benefit is, of course, to help you relax and work these tight muscles. However, when you travel to Tibet, we recommend you skip buying this gadget and try Tibetan Blind Massage instead. You can find Blind Massage centers in Lhasa Old Town. Even the best massager cannot be as effective as professionally trained specialists.


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