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After more than a year of being closed to all foreign visitors, Tibet is finally reopening for foreign visitors currently living in China. There are additional requirements for travelers in 2022. Below, you will find full list of documents you need to visit Tibet.

As we know, covid pandemic changed the traveling regulations around the world and many destinations closed for tourists trying to keep people safe from the virus.

Tibet was closed for all foreigners since early 2020. With no cases of covid in Tibet and tight control helping to prevent the spread of the virus in Mainland China, it finally became possible to travel here.


Monk and Tibetans walking on Barkhor Street in the morning
Monk and Tibetans walking on Barkhor Street

Currently, only residents living in China can visit Tibet. That includes foreigners with valid work, business, student visas, and members of their families living in China. You will have to stay in China for at least 90 days prior to entering Tibet. 


With new cases of covid in some provinces, the government restricts traveling from the provinces with a high number of cases. This list updates regularly and we will provide all details upon request. You cannot travel from the regions with high case numbers. You cannot even take a flight with a stopover in one of these cities or regions.

You will also need to install a Green Code health app to enter the airport or train station in China. 

From July 2021 Taiwanese living in China can apply for permits to visit Tibet.


Required Documents Tibet Travel Permit
Tibet Travel Permit

All foreigners visiting Tibet need Tibet Travel Permit. To apply for it we need clear photos or scans of passport and Chinese visa. In 2022, there are additional requirements that foreign visitors have to meet.

Complete list of required documents to apply for Tibet travel permit in 2021:

1. Clear scan or photo of passport: page with information

2. Scan or photo of Chinese visa

Chinese visa

3. Provide proof of residentship in Mainland China.

It is required to stay in Mainland China for at least 3 months prior to applying for the permit. You will need a letter saying that you didn’t leave Mainland China during the previous 90 days.

For travelers with work visas, your company can issue this letter.
Students can request this letter from their school or university.
You can also include your family members in the letter.

Please, contact us for a template of this letter. We provide all the necessary information and examples.

4. Have a negative covid test for permit application and before arrival.

We need one test results to apply for the permit and another test taken 24 hours before you take a train or flight to Tibet. If you travel outside of Lhasa, you will need another covid test before departure to a different city or region within Tibet.

5. Install a Green Code app and a Health Kit app on the phone.

We have to submit a screenshot of your app showing your name along with other documents. In addition, you need to enter your passport information in the Health Kit app on WeChat and take a screenshot of it.
Setting up both apps takes little time and we will help you with information on how to do it.

Please, note, that after you travel to Tibet, you can return back to the city where you live in China and you don’t need to quarantine!

As always, we have to submit your documents in advance and it takes around 10-15 days to receive your permit. After that, we will mail you the original permit as you need to show it when boarding the train or a plane to Lhasa.

6. Receive a Registration form of Temporary Residence for Visitors also known as Accommodation Registration Form for Foreign Nationals

The form should list your name, passport and visa information, occupation, the purpose of visit, and nationality. The form should be stamped and dated.

Registration Form


Group visiting Western Tibet

There was only one case of covid positive person in Tibet. It was found in March 2020, and the person successfully recovered. There were no covid cases in Tibet since then.

To keep Tibet covid-free only people with the negative covid test can travel to Tibet. 

In addition, travelers have to install a green code health app on the phone that helps to stop the spread.


Right now, we don’t have any information about reopening for all travelers. As we know, the situation around the world is changing rapidly. We will keep posting updates when more news becomes available.

We hope that with more people getting vaccines, traveling will be safe again soon.

In the meantime, please, stay safe, and take care of your family and friends!

We hope to greet you here in Tibet as soon as it will be possible!




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