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Flying to Lhasa is the fastest way to get to Tibet. There are numerous flights every day from all major cities in China. There is one international flight to Lhasa from Kathmandu, Nepal. You will land at Lhasa Gonggar Airport, one of the highest airports on Earth. During the flight, if weather permits, you can see the Himalayas- the highest mountain range in the world. We recommend it for those who have limited time. Afternoon and evening flights tend to be delayed more often than morning flights due to weather conditions.

Tibetan airlines plane in Lhasa Gonggar airport in Tibet
Tibetan Airlines plane in Lhasa Gonggar airport


There is only one international flight going to Lhasa from Kathmandu. There is currently one flight per week on Mondays with the Himalaya Airlines.

If you are traveling from Nepal, you will need to acquire a Chinese Group visa. It takes at least 3 full business days. Details about the Chinese Group Visa»


Nonstop flights to Lhasa map
Nonstop flights to Lhasa

There are multiple flights to Lhasa each day departing all major Chinese cities.

Non-stop flight connections from cities: Chengdu, Beijing, Xian, Xining, Kunming, Chongqing, Shangri La, and Lijiang.

Connections with layover from cities: Shanghai, Guangzhou.

To board one of the domestic flights, you will need an original Tibet Travel Permit. We usually send it to your hotel in China or to the airport.




Train seen on the way to Namtso Lake

Traveling by train can take up to 40 hours, however, you will be enjoying stunning views on the way. Depending on the departure time, you can see various parts of Eastern Tibet, including mountains, grasslands, and forests, and can spot some wildlife. Trains originate from several Chinese cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou, and Lanzhou. In addition, you can take a train at one of the stations, where trains stop, such as in Xian (train from Shanghai or Guangzhou) and Xining (several trains each day).

Beijing40 hours3757Every Day
Shanghai47 hours4373Every Day
Xian31 hours2864Every Day
Chengdu36 hours3070Every Other Day
Chongqing36 hours3030Every Other Day
Guangzhou53 hours4980Every Day
Xining21 hours1972Several Times Every Day
Lanzhou24 hours2188Several Times Every Day

There are two sleeping classes: a more comfortable soft-sleeper (with 4 beds in a berth with a door) and a less expensive hard-sleeper (with 6 beds in a berth without a door).

While riding on a train, you can also start acclimatizing to the high altitude of Tibet. You will spend a few hours with an air pressure similar to that in Lhasa, which is better than flying directly to Lhasa. Traveling to Lhasa on a train is also less expensive than flying, making it very popular.

Interested in taking a train to Tibet? Here you will find 3 reasons to travel to Tibet on a train»


Driving towards Tibet-Nepal borded at Gyirong
Driving towards the Tibet-Nepal border at Gyirong

You can enter Tibet from Nepal through the newly opened border pass at Gyirong port. You will need to join an organized tour once you cross the border with Tibet.

We offer private tours connecting the Nepal border with Lhasa»

Alternatively, you can start your tour in Tibet and travel towards Nepal. You can join one of the group tours and in 7 days travel from Lhasa to Nepal border and further to Kathmandu»

Currently, only Chinese citizens can travel overland from China to Tibet via the Northern route. For other visitors, the earliest point of entry on the Northern Route is in the Eastern part would be Golmud. You can take a train from China to Golmud and start your journey from there. The Southern Route following highway G318 from Chengdu to Lhasa is open to everyone. You can also travel overland from Nepal and Kashgar, the capital of Xinjiang Autonomous Region.





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