Best Time to Travel to Tibet

The best time to visit Tibet is of course when you have a vacation.  If seeing the roof of the world have always been on your to-do list, maybe you shouldn’t put it off any longer. However, if you are somewhat flexible and can choose when to travel, the information below will help you to make a decision.

How to Choose the Best Time to Visit Tibet

Yamdrok Lake the sacred lake in Tibet
Yamdrok Lake, the sacred lake in Tibet
Mountain Road in Snow in Tibet
Mountain Road in Snow
First, it is important to plan where to go and which places you would like to visit.

Roads to some areas might be closed during winter, and you should plan your trip around warmer months. If you are traveling to Namtso lake or mountain Kailash, the best time to do it is from May till October.

Second, you should consider the type of activities you are interested in.

For example, we recommend planning trekking and camping trips during the dry season. The best trekking time is from April until July and from September until October.

Third, we need to consider the weather conditions.
Trekking around Mt Kailash in Tibet
Trekking route around Mt Kailash in Tibet

There are two essential aspects of weather conditions to consider: temperatures and rainfall.

As you would expect, the most comfortable temperatures are in summer, with warm or even hot days and chilly nights (expect a significant drop in temperature with the sunset).

Spring and fall in valleys are also not very cold. For example, in Lhasa, the temperature rarely drops below 0 degrees.

Winter can be harsh even in Lhasa. Although temperatures are not very low, the wind is usually very strong.

High mountain areas might feel like winter even during the summer time. Roads to many of them are permanently closed during winter because of heavy snowfall

Celebration of Shoton festival in Drepung Monastery in Lhasa, Tibet
Shoton Festival celebration
Finally, you can consider visiting during some festivals.

Visiting Tibet during one of the festivals can be a  great way to experience local culture. Besides, religious festivals attract pilgrims from remote areas in Tibet.

You will see an incredible diversity of traditional costumes, decorations, jewelry and headdresses of Tibetans.

Upcoming festival tours in 2022

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Best Time to Visit Tibet

For taking amazing photos of mountain peaks, the best time to visit is from October to May.

If you want to visit Tibet when it is the least crowded, wintertime will work best for you.

For visiting high altitude areas, its best to visit them during warmer months, from April till October.

If you would like to enjoy comfortable temperatures, visit in July or August, although it might rain more often than in other months.

Most importantly, whenever you decide to visit Tibet, it will be undoubtedly a fantastic experience. You will soak into Tibetan rich and unique culture/atmosphere. We have been leading groups in Tibet for over thirteen years and throughout all seasons, and our visitors enjoyed their journeys in any season.


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