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Driving by the mountain Gurla Mandhata in Burang, Tibet.

All foreign visitors have to travel in a tourist car arranged by the local Tibetan travel agency. There are 2 exceptions to this rule. First, you can travel on a taxi within Lhasa and Shigatse. Second, you can take a train between Lhasa and Shigatse. However, if you are traveling outside of the cities, you will need a tourist car.

While in Tibet, you will be traveling in a tourist car with one of our experienced driver. Depending on a group size, season and your destination, we will use one of the following types of cars or buses.

4WD in Tibet with Everest view


4WD is a perfect car for small groups, usually for two people , maximum three. It is ideal when traveling in winter through snowy roads, a well as when driving on rough roads.

Total number of seats: 5

Minivan by the Yamdrok Lake in Tibet


We use minivans of different sizes that can fit between 7 to 15 people. Minivans are perfect for small groups. They are comfortable, with plenty of room in the back for luggage.

Total number of seats in minivans: 7-15

On the road in Tibet
Minivan in Tibet
Driving through Himalayan mountains in Tibet
Minivan in winter


Minibuses are perfect for medium size groups. Seats are comfortable and there is space in the back for luggage.

Total number of seats: 19

Tourist bus in Tibet


We use large buses for large groups. They are comfortable inside, with storage area for luggage at the bottom.

Total number of seats: 29

Green bus at Everest Region


In the Everest Region, all tourists travel to Rongbuk monastery on one of the green buses.



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